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> Babcock Wilcox Palm Beach Resource Recovery Center
Babcock Wilcox Palm Beach Resource Recovery Center
  • Facility is located in West Palm Beach.  WE completed a 100 cable retrofit to consolidate the network infrastructure in the administration building to one closet.  During the installation we found over 6 different network hubs scatter in less than a 100 cable length from the main server.  We installed a new fiber optic cable to replace a slow network connection that was on a horizontal copper cable run that was over 500’ in length.
  • We completed a Camera system upgrade that included 14 cameras.  The existing cameras were black and white only, replaced with the new color cameras with a wide dynamic range, 640 scan lines of resolution and low lux capabilities due to the door openings and outside locations.  Installed a new DVR to capture all of the recording for a longer period of time.
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